Antarctica Revisited

Alex is going back to Antarctica.  Follow and participate in the journey.

Get Fit - Antarctica

Exercise your mind and body while you join Alex on her journey from Memphis to Antarctica, learning interesting facts about health, nutrition, exercise, science, math, and history along the way.

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Fly a Flag

Fly a Flag over Antarctica!

Decorate your own flag while taking a CLOSER LOOK at Weddell Seals and other Antarctic topics.  
Send your flag with Alex and she will fly over Antarctica and send it back to you - with a picture of it!

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Have you ever received a postcard sent from Antarctica?  Now’s your chance!  Bring a self-addressed, stamped postcard to the museum and Alex will take it to Antarctica and mail it to you.

Don’t forget to decorate it!

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Scavenger Hunt

If you’re in the Memphis area and looking to go exploring - then I have a challenge for you!

The Pink Palace Museum has planned an Antarctic Scavenger Hunt throughout the Natural History and Cultural History exhibits.

Join us for fun.

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Click here for the 2014-2015 Pink Palace Family of Museums Educator's Guide